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Ancestral Healing


You are always connected to your Ancestors. Their divine essence is a part of your genetic makeup going back thousands of generations!


And because of this, you may be carrying around patterns and beliefs from the past that are affecting your daily life. 


If at any time you would like to receive healing, insight, or guidance from your Ancestors, you simply state the Intention to do so in your heart. 


You may take this desire deeper, by incorporating a number of different tools and practices. It is up to you to choose the ones you resonate the most with that bring you joy. 


Some of these may include prayer, meditation, visualization, ritual, ceremony, or really anything you create yourself to symbolize the connection will do as well!


Remember, the more time and energy placed into the way you connect, the stronger your connection will be. The most important thing to remember is your intention. The desire has to be strong and sincere enough that you will do what it takes to follow your hearts guidance. 


And it really can be simple!

Just as easy it is for you to fall into a daydream, you can use your imagination to “pretend” you are having an actual conversation with your loved one! And the cool thing about it is, you actually are! This is the key to any type of spiritual work. The simple yet profound belief and faith in something intangible.


I guarantee, the more you take the time to connect, the more magical your life will become. You will receive messages and guidance all around you in many different forms, such as signs and symbols, sights, sounds, smells, songs, conversations and well anything that is of significance to you pertaining your intention!


The key is to remain grounded and aware of the present moment by keeping your body, mind and spirit strong and nourished. 


When you are stuck in the stories of the past, you will miss the signs all around you due to feeling of depression and sorrow, grief, anger, resentment etc.


When you are worried about the future, you will miss the signs around you by being filled with anxiety, fear, and distrust.


So my friend, take this moment to 








Ground your energy deep into mother earth spreading it out like the roots of the tree. Fill yourself up with the breath of light from grandmother and grandfather spirit, God.

And ask the questions that lie within your heart. 

 Simply trust the process. Be open to receive.

Your messages will come.


And when they do, be sure to write about them for your future generations!



Rebekah O’Dell

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