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Ancestral Healing
Full Moon Retreat

September 8th- 11th, 2022

Come join us Under the Full Harvest Moon for deep soulful connection and transformation as we commune with our Angels, Ancestors, Loved Ones, and Guides, heal the deep wounding within our DNA, and rewrite the stories we tell.

Standing under the light of the moon in our sacred space around a campfire, your feelings begin to rise as we call in the Ancestors past present and future who are in need of healing and transformation at this time. You begin to feel their presence as memories, visions, and senses dance in and around you. You realize you are here for a reason and every moment in your life led you here.  You allow yourself to witness through the experience, becoming the observer in your life. It's as if your awareness tripled in this moment and all of a sudden you have clarity about your life.  You see how you were made up of many others from the past and how you will someday leave behind your own legacy.


You decide to take note of the thoughts, feelings and emotions that arise and for the first time, you see the bigger picture. YOU are playing a powerful role in this moment. You chose to come here to heal and transform the limiting beliefs, family patterns. and trauma that has been playing out in your life. You see how these factors have been inherited and given to you as a gift. You see now that the gift is in this moment to make a choice. You see your present family healing, no longer bound by the old energy and patterns.


Free to move forward in Unconditional love and Acceptance. You see how you came as the great channel for this healing to occur and you are honored and revered for your bravery and courage to step up, be different, and rebel against the familiar patterns that have plagued you for so long.

You see how the transformation of these things releases your ancestors into the light, freeing the dense energies of guilt, shame, and unworthiness that have been haunting the family lines for too long.


You begin to feel lighter as you acknowledge and release these burdens one by one. Some of them are painful to let go of as they run deep, but you give it your all and allow yourself to fully embody the pain. You know the only way out is through. You know you are being safely guided and supported by a beautiful soul family facing you here in the moonlight.


You witness the profound healing creating a ripple effect through the universe in all time space and dimensions.  You realise you are not only healing yourself and your bloodlines, but the rest of humanity as well.  You see how important every single human is. You see the web of life and the great ripple effect and influence a single human has on everyone else.


You feel the energies clearing out  across the planet as you become a beacon of light and an example to those you encounter as you share your love, wisdom and acceptance with the world.

During this retreat, we will connect to the spirit of our maternal and paternal lines, the Grandmother and Grandfather spirit that is a part of us all. We are always connected to our Ancestors. Their divine essence is a part of our genetic makeup going back hundreds of generations! They say we are living the dream of our ancestors from 7 generations ago!


Because of this, we carry around patterns and beliefs from the past that are affecting our daily lives. We inherit the unresolved trauma and patterns from our ancestors that they were not able to release in their lifetime, thus having a myriad of issues arise in our own lives, as an opportunity to release and process the energy for them.  Perhaps they stuffed down their emotions of pain, anger, and grief and didn't have or take the opportunity to process them, resulting in a variety of health issues, anxiety,or depression.


Ever wonder why you have money issues? Or strange pains in your body? Or relationship problems? These things will continue to pass on until someone in the line heals and resolves by finding acceptance and value in them. What are they teaching you? What wisdom have you gained?

We can apply the wisdom gained through the experience to empower ourselves and others by creating new patterns and stories.  When we are stuck in the stories of the past, our judgment is clouded and we miss the signs and messages guiding us into new experiences for our growth and evolution.

Right now our world is at a crossroads. All around us we are seeing old systems and patterns crumble down around us creating chaos and fear. But it is necessary to clean out the old outdated patterns and beliefs so that we can rise up and create new systems formed from unity, acceptance, unconditional love, and empowerment. It is up to us on an individual level to step up and clean out the things in our personal lives, as this will create the ripple effect needed to inspire the people around us to follow suit. Change is messy and we all have messes that need to be cleaned up. Once we clean up, we will be able to create a brand new reality for ourselves. We need to keep our heads up, find our soul tribes and support systems, and do the healing necessary to leave a beautiful legacy for the next 7 generations! 


By coming to our Ancestral healing retreat, you will discover how to open your heart and receive guidance from spirit to help you navigate your soul's journey. You will create new friendships and gain a soul tribe of people that love you unconditionally. You will gather tools and processes you can use time and time again and share with your family. You will have a clearer understanding of why you are here and how Joy is your natural birthright!

Venue + Location


The Sand Island Campground is beside the San Juan River with access to spectacular canyons rich in scenery, geology, archaeology, history and wildlife. The campground is home to the Sand island petroglyphs panel boasting centuries of rock art from 300- 3000 years old.

You will have plenty of space to set up your camp and create your sacred space while you are here!  There is access to a restroom, and water.  You can enjoy a rive dip in the heat of the day, and a beautiful group space around the campfire and our kitchen is available to gather and mingle. An Ancestral Altar is set up in a teepee specifically for you to place a special item or memorabilia, such as a photo, in honor of your Ancestors!

 “Archeologists believe this place along the river held special significance for ancient peoples by the amount (over 100 yards) and the time span of the rock art. Petroglyphs from the Archaic era, known as Glen Canyon Linear, can also be identified. Archeologists tell us these rock art panels were public and intended to be seen by everyone. Perhaps this area along the river was once a gathering place.”

Source >

These elements combined create the perfect location for the theme of our retreat: ANCESTRAL HEALING! 

We believe as modern day people we have lost our connection to Nature and have grown accustomed to convenience. Bringing us back to our roots and reconnecting to the beauty and wonder of nature is our passion. Ample time and opportunity will be provided for exploring this beautiful land and allowing you to use your senses as your guide to listen to the messages nature has to offer.


The importance of aligning our mind, body, and spirit with the natural cycles and rhythms of nature will be woven throughout your experience.


The time of year during the Autumn Harvest Full Moon has been chosen as the perfect energy for connecting with our Ancestors and the Celebrating the liberation of our burdens.


The Full Moon heightens our emotions giving us the opportunity to honor and release them. When combined with a specific intention and purpose, powerful change can occur in our lives. The Fall is the time to harvest and celebrate our success and the fruits of our labors. During the time between Harvest and Hunters Moon, the veil between the physical and spiritual realms thins and becomes easier to connect with the other side. Traditions all around the world choose this time of year to honor the dead.

Another very special event happening in 2021 is the Fall Equinox just two days after the Full Moon. The Equinox marks a time of equal daylight and nightlight, and is a time to honor the light and dark and all this symbolizes for us.


All meals and snacks are provided during your stay. Meals are made with Love and support the vibration of the retreat, as we believe intention is everything around here. The menu is selected from a variety of seasonal, organic items, perfect for the vegan and meat eater alike! Our menu is gluten and dairy free.


If there are extra snacks you enjoy, feel free to bring what you like!


Our Journey

We will gather together in this beautiful land and:




  • Meditation to connect with our Ancestors and Loved ones beyond the Veil

  • Sacred Holotropic Breathwork and Sacred Drumming

  • Deep Healing Ceremony and Workshops with numerous sacred processes

  • The importance of healing our Parent/Child Relationships

  • The Process of Forgiveness

  • The Power of our WORDS



  • Clear and release the bloodline spirits attached to our limiting beliefs

  • Clear and release unhealthy family patterns

  • Find acceptance and gratitude for the lessons

  • Create a direct line of communication between past present and future lineages




  • Thursday Sept 9th: ACTIVATING DAY

  • Friday Sept 10th: RELEASING DAY

  • Saturday Sept 11th: RECEIVING DAY

  • Sunday Sept 12th: SEALING DAY


* An itinerary and further retreat info will be delivered to you via email... so make sure to save our emails!



  • Utilize the energy of the Full Moon for Healing with Gratitude and Intention setting

  • Gain a deeper understanding of why you are the way you are, and how your family's dynamics, beliefs, and traditions have impacted your life.

  • Clear unhealthy relationship patterns, such as codependency, manipulation, and emotional and physical abuse

  • Accept responsibility for the roles you play in the stories you tell.

  • Achieve true forgiveness through acceptance and compassion for yourself and others.

  • Set clear boundaries, learn when to say yes and when to say no.

  • Gain a deeper Love and respect for yourself and others.

  • Connect with the spirit of your Ancestors for clarity and to help them to heal unresolved feelings, allowing future generations to prosper in freedom…

  • Recognize the way spirit communicates with you.

  • Connect to the elements in nature.





  • You want to heal from the past

  • You want to help raise the vibration of the planet

  • You love camping in nature and being in the outdoors

  • You aren’t afraid of getting dirty

  • You are ready and willing to do whatever it takes to make lasting changes

  • You are willing to be vulnerable and go all in

  • You long for the feeling of HOME within a like minded community

  • You are open to trying new things

  • You have a desire for deeper spiritual connection

  • You have a true love for humanity and a sense to serve

  • Your heart is wanting to go but your mind is making up a million reasons not to (THAT IS OPPOSITION!!! USE YOUR DISCERNMENT!!!!)


  • You are afraid of getting dirt and hate camping

  • You aren’t willing to be vulnerable and try new things

  • You don’t like people

  • You have a pessimistic attitude and are unwilling to change

  • You don’t believe in spirits and think this is coo coo


  • 8 Healthy meals *vegan options available 

  • Shared tent spaces; two people per tent with full size air mattresses

  • Camp chairs and yoga matts to use during retreat

  • Ceremonies: Full Moon, Fire, Sacred Cacao, and Shamanic Breath Circle

  • Meditations and nature hikes

  • An Ancestral feast to honor our heritage

  • Celebration through dance and music and sacred drumming

  • Yoga with Full Moon and Sun Salutations

  • Breakthrough sessions and Healing Workshops




  • Sleeping bags, pillows, blankets, and personal toiletries and items

  • Everyone is required to bring an extra $10 cash for our field trip Bridges National Monument to pitch in for gas and park entrance fees as we will be carpooling


There will be not be much free time during the retreat, so if you want to explore any scenic sites, you plan to do so before or after the retreat. 

* Gooseneck Monument 4 miles

* Valley of the Gods 20 Miles

* Monument Valley 50 Miles

* Navajo Twins 2 Miles

*  Various other sites (Indian wall art, cliff dwellings, San Juan River, Mexican Hat, Shops, etc.

Trip Leaders

Rebekah O’Dell

Spirit Glow Journey Guide + Shamanic Healer + Holistic Cosmetologist 

Rebekah is experienced in the art of embracing who you are, even in your mess, and facilitating others to do the same by helping them to recognize their beauty and cultivate healthy, honest, nurturing relationships with themselves.


She holds a passion for bringing people together in nature with the spirit of unity and diversity to spread love and kindness.  She believes it is our duty to nurture, uplift, and empower ourselves as sovereign beings of light to be able to pour our overfill of abundance to the universe, ultimately raising the vibration and consciousness of our planet, so that we can expand and grow into our fullest potential as divine star beings.


Rebekah is always learning, growing, and expanding by adding new tools and practices to her skillset. She is a seasoned cosmetologist of 20 years, specializing in Dreadlock Artistry, IBE Hair Extensions, and Lanza Healing colorcare. She has certifications as a Reiki Master Teacher of Usui and Holy Fire Reiki, an Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor, a Shamonic Life Coach, as well as a variety of other training and teachings. She studies her passions extensively and has invested in personal and business coaching and regularly attends workshops and retreats and receives healing from her colleagues. She is currently training as a yoga instructor and ayurvedic practitioner, and writing a book.


She loves guiding others to do what she does whether in 1:1 sessions or behind the chair, in classes or workshops training holistic entrepreneurs, hosting business masterminds, or facilitating retreats.

Dallin Brimhall

Shamanic Healer + Intuitive Bodyworker + Breath Enthusiast + Yoga Instructor

Dallin is a passionate healer of body, mind and heart. He has been doing healing work for over a decade. His own mind and body have been his greatest Teacher. Whether it be psychological, emotional, or physical, he is able to access energy and offer guidance on how to heal. Using keen intuition, he can pinpoint issues of trapped emotion or energy, and bring them to the surface to be released.


Dallin has a natural charisma and charm and loves helping people find more joy in their lives by bringing a playful, powerful, presence into everything that he does. Whether it's facilitating retreats, teaching yoga, working out at the gym, hiking in the mountains, or giving someone a shamanic massage; he loves seeing people heal and will go the extra mile to make sure you know that he loves you and wants you to be happy.


His faith and love in God helped him overcome many of his trials that challenged him and his beliefs to the very core. He continues to explore many facets of his faith and belief systems, expanding his spirituality into a deeper understanding of life, and values many religious points of views. Because of this Dallin has developed a deep sense of self, and uses his wisdom to serve in his life mission of helping others to heal.


Dallin currently resides in Utah and continues to operate his Shamanic Massage practice, teaches yoga within the community, and co-facilitates breathwork journey's and retreats. He is the creator of I AM- Integrative Affirmational Mindfulness - a system that combines yoga postures with positive affirmations. Dallin also owns and operates Full Moon Camping Retreats, LLC with his sister, and finds joy in his community by bringing people closer to the light.

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