We are ONE PEOPLE. We breathe the same Air, drink the same Water, plant our feet on the same Earth, and are warmed by the same Sun.


What you do has an effect on the rest of us. Your thoughts are carried on the wind and are felt across the oceans. Your actions cause a ripple effect wherever you go. 


It is time to stop thinking about only ourselves. We are not separate….. we are not one person. We are many people. 




We are in this life together. We need to JOIN TOGETHER in our stewardship for our Earth Mother. We need to take RESPONSIBILITY for the imprint we are making and the energy we are projecting out.


This is our Dream. To Gather together our soul tribes and connect to mind, body, and spirit in nature.

As Brother and Sister, we gather for healing. We share our gifts and hearts with you.

Sending you our Love, 

Your Brother and Sister,

Dallin and Rebekah

Meet The Team

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Brilliant Masterminds

  • Full Moon Camping Retreats
  • Full Moon Camping Retreats

Rebekah and Dallin, a brother and sister duo, passionate about bringing the tribe of soul family together.


The Kitchen Witches

  • Kristen
  • Ana

Kristen and Ana, soul sisters who love to cook with their hearts and sprinkle their magic around.

justin retreat site.jpg

The Musical Genius

  • Sleeptheif Music

Justin, a music producer known for setting the perfect vibe with his dance

moves and majestical playlists.


Fire Starter

  • Jacob

Jacob, a big hearted brother who loves hugs and is a pyro master, serving us a mix of warmth and logistics.


The Media Wizard

  • Kristina

Kristina, a gypsy moon goddess who has an eye for beauty a talent for creating beautiful space.