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We are a brother and sister duo passionate about creating magical experiences in nature. We have been doing our own work individually, and working for the collective for many years now. Together we have more than 30 years experience in energetic and healing arts. We both own and run spiritual businesses and have teamed up at this time to answer the call for the rapid ascension of Earth and her children. The mission is simple: wake people up and help them heal as quickly as possible. 

Our Story

We believe in magic! (click here)

Fun story about us:

Rebekah and Dallin found each other again (we say "again' because this isn't our first time around), when Rebekah was 6 and Dallin was 4. Rebekah's mom married Dallin's dad. Instantly the two were connected and enjoyed the magic of their childhood together by playing "magic." One of their favorite things to do growing up was to play witches by creating spells, potions, rituals and more. Rebekah was better at the spells because she was older and knew how to "spell" words and write poetry. Their parents would often chastise them telling them not do that kind of stuff because it was "bad." Being raised LDS and in a small town, playing with magic was not allowed. As they grew up and found their personal life paths, their love for magic lived strong in their hearts and now they get to share it with the world.

Both being healers and lovers of people and nature, Rebekah and Dallin decided that they really wanted to share what they do and make a bigger impact for the planet. Bringing people together to heal themselves while healing the land at the same time sounded like the best approach. Full Moon Camping Retreats was born after Rebekah took the leap and created her first full moon retreat in Arizona with a friend. Dallin decided he wanted to be a part of it and drove 10 hours to Arizona to camp with a small group in the middle of May of 2018. The wind was unforgivable at this first retreat, and they learned very quickly that if they truly wanted to do the camping retreat thing, then they would need to be resilient. And they are! The journey has been a learning process, to say the least, but so worth it. Over the next few years Full Moon Camping Retreats grew into a dream come true. It is such a special thing to bring your vision to life. Rebekah and Dallin are honored to share this dream and vision with the world and they absolutely love what they do! 


We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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