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Tools We Use

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Every retreat is designed to meet a specific goal in healing and connecting together as a group. We use a combination of shamanic practices, energy healing, creative processes, and earth medicines to get us where we want to go spiritually.



We visit and connect with unique and sacred sites throughout the four corners region. We get out and explore anything from forest, rivers and waterfalls, to desert, red rock and caves.


Over the years Rebekah and Dallin have gathered a ton of healing tools that they can't wait to share with you. They take a creative approach by combining modalities while listening to Spirit for intuitive guidance when it comes to healing in their personal lives and their work.


Rebekah is a ceremonial queen and loves to share her creativity with the group. We do a variety of ceremonies and explain the importance of each ceremony at all of our retreats. We use sacred herbs and essences, along with other earth medicines to connect deeper and stronger with Spirit. WE DO NOT USE psychedelics, drugs, or other mind altering substances at any of our retreats.


We practice a variety of yoga styles at every retreat with a brief history behind each style. Every style of yoga we practice is for beginners, but can be taken to any level of advancement that you choose. Dallin is an avid yogi of 15 years and believes that the true magic of yoga, like all good things, comes with consistency and practice. At our retreats, we explore many styles of yoga so that you can decide what works best for you in your personal life.


There are many ways to meditate. At our retreats we explore different styles of meditation. We practice as a group so that you can have a direct experience of each style of meditation. This way, you can take home the wisdom you gain and practice it in your personal lives. We also do plenty of guided meditations and visualizations at every retreat.


Dallin is obsessed with breath work and loves to share the different styles and practices he has learned over the years. At our retreats you get a great taste of variety. All styles of breath work that we practice are designed to elevate mood and take you into higher states of consciousness. 

Tools we use nature, yoga,
Tools healing, meditation, ceremony
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