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Remembering Divinity

A Full Moon Camping Retreat

in Zion National  Park

May 4th - 7th, 2023

Come join us on a 4 day shamanic soul retrieval as we connect with our highest self and remember the truth of who we are.

***These are not standard retreats. They are ONLY for people ready to grow.***

Remembering Divinity

   Remember who you truly are, always have been, and always will be

   Wake up to the greatness and the absolute divinity of your birthright


   Own the king/queen archetype


   Learn the power of your influence


   Become creator gods and goddesses and own your sovereignty 


   Help earth to restore peace on the planet for the first time ever


   Learn to harness your super powers


   Bring back the magic of childhood and use the magic daily

Grand Canyon
What's Included

An Information booklet about our tools and processes

A gift bag of special sacred items

Ceremonies: Crown Activation, Fire, Water, Remembering Divinity, and Breathwork

Yoga, meditations, and nature hikes

Celebration through dance and music and sacred drumming

Breakthrough sessions and Healing Workshops

A  Typical  Day at   Retreat

You can expect your time at our retreats to be full from start to finish. It is our talent to create sacred containers for you to experience rapid healing and transformation, as every little detail and minute is strategically planned to give you results. Every meal, every process, activity, and resting time, will have you consciously aware and present of all that is happening. Typically, we start the day with a nourishing meal and gather for yoga before going into deeper processes and activities. Our days begin at 7am and end at 10pm. 

Zion National  Park

We felt called to camp in the majestic Zion national park to help remind us of our divinity as we revel in the beauty of creation itself. While surrounded by the powerful vortices of cliffs and canyon walls, the earth herself will be our loving and powerful guide. We are on the path of remembering our divinity and what an honor it is! We are on a mission to transform the earth and all life into its highest form of divinity and with millions of people traveling to Zion every year, we are sure to leave behind energetic imprints to inspire everyone who walks this land.  

Where we are staying

We will be staying at the beautiful Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort, which borders the eastern boundary of Zion National Park. This place has all the amenities your heart could desire such as additional lodging if you don't want to tent camp, swimming pool, jacuzzi, shower facilities, restaurant, general store, laundry facilities, hiking trails, and much more. We have booked out their entire group camping area for the duration of our retreat, and if you have booked either of our Prosperity or Abundance packages, we will have your tents and air mattresses already set up for your arrival. If you prefer more luxurious lodging then feel free to book our Healing or Learning to Trust packages and go to Zion Poderosa's website to see what they have available for the retreat dates. 

Grand Canyon
Select   Your Package


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What's Included:

  * Life transforming experiences, experiential workshops, powerful healing processes, ceremonies, guided meditations, and more...

 * A 20+ page retreat handbook

 * Unique handcrafted gift items

 * Camp chairs and yoga mats to use while at retreat

 * Pre-set up tents & air mattresses 

 * Three full organic meals a day, plenty of snacks, water, teas, juices, coffee, etc. 


What's NOT Included:

 * Sleeping bag and pillow



prosperity package

~ Shamanic Healer ~

~ Licensed Massage Therapist ~

~ Certified Yoga Instructor ~

~Reiki Master~

~Breath Enthusiast~

~ Spirit Weaver ~

~ Ceremonialist ~

~ Holistic Cosmetologist ~

~ Integrated Energy Therapy® Master Instructor ~

~ Reiki Master Teacher Usui and Holy Fire® ~

Grand Canyon
Off Site Excursions

We will be spending a day sightseeing in Zion National park.

Organic Food

All food is prepared with love, daily by people who are conscious about the energy they bring and the put into the food itself. We eat 100% organic to support the healing vibe of each retreat. By eating organic, we are avoiding toxicity of pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, processed foods, artificial dyes, flavors, and additives, as well as GMO's. Due to dietary concerns we also avoid inflammatory foods such as dairy, wheat, gluten, soy, eggs and refined sugars. We are careful about keeping our organic and free range meats separate from other foods to give the option for vegan meals as well. Food is critical in healing ourselves and at Full Moon Camping Retreats we want to give you a taste of what it feels like to eat well and have energy from it.

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