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Terms & Conditions

~ALL ASSISTANTS MUST HELP WITH SET UP AND TAKE DOWN AND ARRIVE A DAY EARLY AND LEAVE A DAY LATER than participants. This is part of the energy exchange in trade and one of the most important aspects in assisting. The benefit of assisting is that you get to learn at the level of leadership from behind the scenes. This is a great responsibility and should be taken very seriously. Being in a leadership position will push you to grow in a unique way and will help you to heal on a different level. We have trained facilitators to guide all chosen leaders through this journey and you will also be given a written agreement form to sign with tasks and responsibilities so that you can stay on track and know exactly what you are here to do. 


~It is not guaranteed that you will be chosen to assist. Since we get a lot of applicants, we are most likely to choose people who have already attended at least one of our retreats. We accept all applicants, but have to narrow down our choices to just a few assistants each retreat. Depending on the retreat you sign up to assist at, we will choose according to personal skill level, roles that need filled, and experience of our past retreats.


~You also need to know if you are chosen to assist, that it is not guaranteed that you will be able to participate in ALL of the activities and processes. We do our best to include you in on the healing and group activities, but depending on the roles needing filled, and the timing of everything, your choices of participating in everything are limited. We do our best to give you a heads up of activities for each day and a choice of what would best serve you while at retreat; it is very important that the assistant role is your number one priority, however, as you are there to serve, hold space, lead, and guide our participants on their healing journey.

~If you are chosen to assist you will take part in a special ceremony for assistants only. This ceremony is to get all of our assistants on the same level and in the right head space for helping to create the magic of the retreats. It is held the night before the guests arrive and it is very important that you be there, as it will give us all a chance to connect and go over our game plan, as well as logistical matters and any other issues that need to be addressed or cleared. All assistants receive a binder with all the healing tools and information for retreat along with specific job responsibilities while at retreat, a gift bag as a thank you for your service, and plenty of amazing opportunities to witness the magic behind the scenes as the outer circle that holds it all together.

~All assistants must bring your own camp gear such as tents, air-mattresses, camp chairs, yoga mats, tarps, umbrellas, sunscreen, bug spray, flash lights, lamps, etc. (can rent from us for $199.00/retreat: this includes tents, tarps, and air mattresses, but not camp chairs and yoga mats.) please bring your own camp chairs and yoga mats. 

~ALL FOOD AND WATER (including coffee, teas, juices, snacks, and every meal while at retreat--including the extra days you are with us) IS INCLUDED FOR ASSISTANTS. However, we do ask that you please consider making a donation to our scholarship fund to help others who may not have the resources needed to make it to retreat. 

Thanks for applying!
We’ll get back to you soon.

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