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Remembering Divinity Itinerary

Activate/ Fire



  • Arrival (Snack Table)

    • Meet and greet

      • The King or Queen I see in you process


  • Make and wear crystal crowns

    • True Divinity is service to the whole and not service to self

      • Mingle, share visions and dreams, talk about what inspires you

    • What is your role? How can you lead? How can you follow?

      • Food for thought


  • Dinner

    • Crown Chakra Activation Ceremony

  • Pleiadian meditation to crystal pyramid

  • Soul Retrieval of Divine God and Goddess Selves


Release/ Water



  • Breakfast

    • Kundalini Yoga: shaking off density

    • Talk about mind manipulation, raising consciousness, and what ascension means 

      • What it means to break free from the matrix, social constructs, religious programming, fear, biases, judgment, etc

    • Limiting or freeing ourselves based on beliefs

      • Talk about where you’re limiting yourself and where you feel free in your current belief systems

    • High Vibrational living 3D, 4D, 5D and beyond

      • Guided meditation/Higher Self soul retrieval  

    • Talk about boundaries

      • Game of yes and no

        • Access the inner child and step into PLAY

      • The freedom of saying “NO.” 

        • Not allowed, feeling bad, guilty, or obligated.

      • Understanding how to say “YES.” 

        • If and only if its a 100% fuck yeah!


  • Snack break


  • Balancing and using masculine and feminine energies (PLAY)

    • Know how to use both and when

  • Proper use of power and influence, and how to use that power in support of the greater good

    • Know when to empower, lift, lead, share, give.

    • Know when to step down, follow, stand back, receive. 

  • Reiki, energy, vibration, matter, creation. (spiritual superpowers) talk about the claires and light language.

    • Play with energy, power, and giving/receiving

    • Violet flame

    • Sounds and symbols/ light language 

      • Use massage tables and get into groups and HEAL using super powers


  • Lunch


  • Water Ceremony 

    • You raise me up process

  • Follow the Guiding voice process

    • Discernment and awareness


  • Dinner


  • Full Moon Ceremony

    • Make moon water

    • Moon yoga

    • Harness moon energy 

  • Shamanic Breath Journey



Receive/ Earth

Saturday (PLAY)

  • Breakfast

    • Yoga

      • Tantra yoga

      • Pleasure and joy

        • Food, senses, pray, activate water

    • Zion day

      • Silent meditation

        • Tune into pleasure senses sights, sounds, smells, feels, tastes.


  • Picnic/ Lunch

    • Talk about the importance of Sovereignty

  • Visualization of kingdom/support system

    • “The key to success is support.” -Dallin 

  • I am a Divine Light being and I am a spiritual King/Queen process in Zion

    • Take pictures of divine self


  • Dinner


  • Power of Influence: how you make others think and feel just by being you.

    • “I Love You Because”… Process

  • Drum Circle

    • Glow in the dark symbols


Seal/Integrate/ Air



  • Breakfast

    • Remembering Divinity Ceremony: Honoring your Highest Self

    • “I am a divine light being and a spiritual king/queen..” process

    • Importance of setting boundaries as ruler of your kingdom/queendom

      • Where do you end and another begins?

    • Inner Child take home the power of play

      • Make life the funnest game you have ever played!

    • Sovereignty 

      • Owning your truth, individuality, uniqueness, and influence

      • sharing your gifts in service to the whole by tapping into and using your spiritual superpowers

    • Discernment 

      • You get to choose!

      • Use your spiritual gifts/superpowers

      • Trust the Spirit working through you and in you, as YOU.

  • Lunch

    • Pack up, say goodbyes, head out​

*Itinerary is subject to change

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