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Want to share your gifts?

Want to come to retreat, but not sure you have the resources to

make it happen? Reach out to us for a payment plan or apply for scholarship below.


Do you have something valuable to contribute and share? We believe in an abundance of gifts, knowledge, and talents in everyone. We do our best to provide a sacred space and an opportunity for all to be witnessed.

Full Moon Camping Retreats is committed to your success and we have plenty of ways to help you reach your goal of attending our retreats.

Apply Below   for a scholarship, trade work, & recruiting options.

Full Moon Camping Retreats is always looking for assistants who are 100% committed to show up and serve. We create the container for you to be seen and witnessed in your magnificence, giving you the ability to share your gifts with others. You just need to show up and we’ll put you to work in trade for our retreat.

-Food is provided while at retreat for ALL assistants. This includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, along with water, coffee, juices, and teas.
-must bring own camp gear (can rent from us for $199.00 per retreat).
*note: depending on the work load assigned, it is not guaranteed that you will get to participate in all processes.

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Trade Work

 Full Moon Camping Retreats is looking for…

•Marketing Coordinator for Instagram and social media

•Book keeper/ accountant

•logistical manager

•kitchen chefs

•moving crew/camp setup and takedown

“Click here to apply”


Co- Facilitate

Full Moon Camping Retreats is looking for leaders and experts in their field to share what they know.

How it works:
You get to come to our retreat for free, if at least two of your people sign up and pay for the retreat, and we set aside a few hours for you to be able to put on your own workshop and teach what you know. 

We believe in an abundance of knowledge and sharing of gifts and Full Moon Camping Retreats provides a safe and sacred container to do so.
“Apply Now”



Each year money is set aside for a scholarship fund. Our goal is to provide as many people as possible with an experience of a lifetime at our retreats. This money comes from a certain percentage of Full Moon Camping Retreats net income each retreat along with generous donations from our Full Moon Camping Retreats community.

Want to donate? “Click here”



“Apply for scholarship click here”

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