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Womb  Healing Itinerary


THEME: Activation & New Moon Night




  • Camp set up & Meet & Greet

    • 2:00-4:00 Check in time. People arrive and set up camps. Hang out, explore, connect

  •  Welcome & Introductions 

    • 4:30 Gather for Meet & Greet: “The Light I See In You”

  • 4:45  Rules/Itinerary/Logistics/Sign Liability Waivers/List of Agreements/Packet Information

    • Please return signed forms to us in the morning.

  • Dinner 

    • 5:00-6:00 Group Dinner


  • Womb & Air Ceremony

    • 7:00 Blessing Activation: Receive the Rite of the Womb


  • Spirit Animal Retrieval

    • 9:00 guided meditation to lower world

  • Write down animal


  • Ecstatic Dance Embodiment 

    • 9:15-10:00 dance connecting to spirit animal


  • 10:00 Quiet time



THEME: Womb & Shadow Healing Day




  • Breakfast

    • 7:30-9:30 Breakfast


  • Kundalini Yoga 

  • 8:00 Start with dragon kundalini and then introduce to each person their personal power animal kundalini and do it as a group. 


  • Inner Child Soul Retrieval

    • 8:45 Guided meditation to the lower world to access inner child with power animal 


  • Crystal Ball Cave Tour

    • 10:00 get ready for cave tour, flashlights/ headlamps, hiking shoes, and light jacket

    • 10:15 meet at vehicles to figure carpool and wait for instructions from the ranch guide

      • Drive up to trail head as a group

    • 10:30 Cave tour (MUST BE ON TIME)

      • Hike a quarter mile up to the cave entrance (hike is 600 ft in elevation. Cave is 65 degrees and requires bending down in a couple of places) 

      • Moment of silence in the cave to reconnect with inner child and power animal


  • Lunch

    • 1:00-2:00


  • Sacred Processes:

    • 2:30 Rage Process

    • 4:00 Snack break

    • 4:30 Shadow Work Processes


  • Dinner (break at 6:00)

    • 6:30 group dinner


  •  Circle time Group Share & Fire Ceremony

    • 7:30 Open circle, give sharing rules (one person share at a time holding talking stick, no unsolicited advice)

    • 7:35 5 minute Grounding practice

    • 7:45 15 mins Journal time

    • 8:00  Sharing time, pass around talking stick, hold space for people to process

    • 9:30 Close circle


  • Quiet time 

    • 10:00 keep voices and noise minimal.  Journal, read,  get read ready for bed


THEME: Inner Child Play & Dreamweaving Day

ElEMENT: Water



  • Breakfast

    • 7:30 - 9:30

  • Laughter Yoga 

    • 8:00 

  • Inner Child Heart Opening Process

    • 10:00 Guided Meditation to integrate all of the inner children (younger selves) from the shadow illusions back into the light of wholeness, becoming a star being, taking the wisdom truth from the starbeam light and anchoring it into heart

    • 10:15 Mirror Message: Reflection session: Seeing your Spirit’s Glow/Inner childs TRUTH

    • 10:45 Creating a Sigil from your messages

      • 11:00 Craft time: Draw/Paint sigil on your mirror

  • Lunch

    • 11:30 or 12:00


  • Inner Child Play & FreeTime  

    • 12:30- 3:30 Enjoy Yourself & Embody your Inner child!!! All activities are set up for your enjoyment. The purpose is to do whatever fills you up, brings you joy, and elevates your vibration. If that means a nap? Take one! Otherwise make the most of your time and remember to Nurture yourself! 

  • Yard games: Spikeball/Frisbee Toss/Cornhole/Horseshoes/hula hoop/jump rope/ giant Jenga/ card or board games

  • Arts & Crafts: suncatchers/coloring book/ drawing/ (Kid Crafts)

  • Visit the Ascension Pyramid Activation Chamber (one at a time)

  • 1:30 Group Reiki & Story & Singing time

  • 2:00 Group Card readings

  • Photo booth

  • Elemental Kingdom Treasure Hunt 

    • 3:30 Everyone must be present 

      • 4 teams of 5 each, the winning team wins a prize!

      • Give each team a list of items to find and collect, first team back wins a prize!

  • Dinner

    • Early Dinner 5:00

  • Head to warm springs 

  • 6:00 Carpool over to Warm springs

    • People need their sacred items, blessing bowls, oil water, flowers, crystal, as well as swimsuits, towels, cover ups or change of clothing.  

  • Water Blessing Ceremony

    • 6:15 Have everyone gather and open sacred space, call in 4 directions and set intentions.

      • Intentions are to fill up with gratitude for an abundant, joyful life. Counting our blessings! (brief prayer/meditation)

      • Anoint self with oil

      • Place dried roses and sprinkle rose moon essence into blessing bowl

    • Wim Hof Breathing Method

      • 6:30 give instructions and state purpose of Wim Hof breathing before getting into the water

    • Warm Springs Soak

      • 6:45 Everyone sing water blessing chant as one by one they enter into the water with blessing bowls, while they are rattled and smudged and offered roses 

      • Once everyone is in a circle, we offer our roses into the water giving gratitude to the waters of life

      • One by one a person enters as we bless them with the waters of life and pour water onto them speaking gratitude and blessings out loud to each person. 

      • When everyone is complete we end this portion of the ceremony with a group hug and allow people to explore the cave and get out to dry off. 

  • Star Gazing Ceremony

    • 7:30 Dreamweaving Meditation ( hand everyone 2 pieces of small paper

      • Creating/visualizing your Constellation

      • Write name of your constellation down

    • 8:00 Wishing upon a star

      • Writing intentions for constellation on paper

      • Speaking intentions out loud and burning into the fire

  • Drum Circle Celebration

    • 8:30 making music, dancing and playing!!

  • Head back to camp

    • 9:30 pack out and drive to camp

  • Quiet time

    • 10:00 keep voices and noise minimal.  Journal, read,  get read ready for bed



THEME: Celebration and Sealing Day




  • Breakfast 

    • 7:00 breakfast 

  • Closing Ceremony 

    • 7:45 Enter Circle

    • 7:55 Guided visualization to reconnect with power animal, Inner child, and Constellation 

    • 8:05 Guide everyone through the constellation drawing to use as a manifesting tool 

    • 8:20 Give final Encouragement in how to continue living from heart space after retreat, how to live in high vibration and soul's purpose.

  • Acknowledgements & Goodbyes

    • 8:30 Acknowledgement of participants & assistants

    • 9:00 close Ceremony Group Hug/Picture

  • Clean up camp and pack out

    • 9:15 Camp Cleanup

    • Must be out by 11:00

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