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Packages, Pricing, and Payment  Plans

As Full Moon Camping Retreats grew we realized the one-size-fits-all pricing didn't work. Some people don't like camping and would rather get a hotel; some people want to eat out or bring their own food; and some people are really attached to having and bringing their own camping gear. For these reasons, we have decided to break our pricing up into four different packages. (see below)


Retreats can cost a lot; but to those who have been to a good retreat you understand the tag line, "you get what you pay for." For those who have been to our retreats they know we keep our prices extremely low while providing the highest quality experience. Our prices range from $1045.00-$1695.00 depending on the retreat and package you choose. (see below)

We offer amazing sales and deals throughout the year on instagram @fullmooncampingretreats. 

Be sure to keep an eye out by following our page and checking in from time to time.


To set up a payment plan reach out to us by email at we'll chat--via zoom--to answer questions or concerns with no pressure, expectations, or commitments. Note: PAYMENT PLANS will not extend beyond 6 payments in 6 months. We prefer that you pay off your retreat before attending, but do not require it.

**Trade work and scholarships are also available click here for more info.**

*** Bring your own sleeping bag and pillow ***
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