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Rebekah O'Dell

~ Spirit Weaver ~

~ Ceremonialist ~

~ IET & Reiki Master Instructor ~

~ Holistic Cosmetologist ~

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Rebekah's Story

Rebekah O’Dell is experienced in the art of embracing who you are, even in your mess, and facilitating others to do the same by helping them to recognize their beauty and cultivate healthy, honest, nurturing relationships with themselves. 


She holds a passion for bringing people together in nature with the spirit of unity and diversity to spread love and kindness.  She believes it is our duty to nurture, uplift, and empower ourselves as sovereign beings of light to be able to pour our overfill of abundance to the universe, ultimately raising the vibration and consciousness of our planet, so that we can expand and grow into our fullest potential as divine starbeings. 


From an early age Rebekah battled with feelings of abandonment, rejection, and shame. Feeling uprooted and like an outcast she had an internal struggle with not feeling good enough, thus becoming a typical people pleaser. Extremely sensitive and different, she quickly learned how to hide her feelings and project the image of what the people around her wanted. If she could please them, they would accept her and wouldn’t leave. 

At the age of 15, Rebekah entered into the Anasazi Foundation, a wilderness program for troubled youth. It was here she lived for 84 days from April to July in the year of 1999. Surviving off the land and hiking 50-60 miles a week in the expansive terrain of the Arizona desert, she learned to love and respect nature. 


She was taught the “Anasazi Way” of forward walking and backward walking, the powerful principle of choice, learning from the wisdom of our past and creating new pathways for ourselves, or choosing to repeat the same patterns over and over again out of familiarity.


During her time here she found within her an extreme strength and determination for independence and self assurance, knowing she could survive on her own. This has proved to be one of her best and worst qualities, as once she makes her mind up to do something she’ll do it whether it's been for or against her better judgment. She carried this strength into adulthood and has utilized it many times, overcoming various obstacles and burdens of the heart and soul.


Many of Rebekah’s choices in life have led to pushing the boundaries of what society will accept, and this has led her to experience either pain and suffering, or the freedom and liberation from it. Because of this, she values others and their life experiences, wherever they may be, and believes we can learn something of value from everyone, friend or foe. Everyone we encounter is a reflection of the self, a valuable life teacher, helping us develop our inner wisdom and discernment. 


Having a creative mind, an eye for beauty, and deep love for people, has been Rebekah’s passion from an early age, and she believes self expression is our greatest freedom. At the age of 16, she chose to pursue a career as a cosmetologist in the beauty industry, giving her a direct path to utilize her natural talents of creative vision and compassion. She loves empowering others to face their fears and go after their hearts desires, no matter how crazy they may seem. Anything is possible.


Life of course isn't always rainbows and butterflies. After a series of tragic life events and selfish decisions, Rebekah was in the depths of despair. The deepest darkest hole of guilt, shame, unworthiness, and fear. She saw no way out and felt trapped, believing she had failed everyone and didn't deserve love. Self punishment and emotional abuse led her to others who treated her the same.


At the age of 20, Rebekah discovered energy healing and experienced many miracles that led her along a new path. The opportunity came for healing when her mother offered to get her help, hopeless and desperate she accepted. Rebekah took a deep dive into Rapid eye therapy, Cranial sacral therapy, and Reiki healing from two powerful Energy Healers. It was here she witnessed miracle after miracle occur in her life and ultimately chose the path that led her towards Empowerment. 


She realized she wasn’t defined by her past, but her past helped shape her into who she had become, and she always had the freedom to choose a new path. From here she deep dived into nearly two decades of studying all she could about spirituality, healing, and life, exploring many different spiritual teachings and philosophies.


For the next decade Spirituality and Healing became her hobby as she discovered a new sense of self worth and love, and shared this with those she had the pleasure of serving. She also valued the early teachings of her time in Anasazi and regularly found solitude in nature, developing a connection to the elemental spirits and animal allies.


Around the age of 28, after extensive studying and practice with a dear soul sister, and a few certifications in various forms of energy healing, Rebekah decided to pursue her role as a leader and began the next phase of her journey, helping others on their path to healing. She combined different techniques with her clients in the salon as well as in private healing sessions, and began teaching meditation classes and co-created a class for Empaths. 


Now, Rebekah, 38, is currently running 5 spiritually based businesses and is passionate about taking a holistic approach to everything and helping others to do the same. Her business are; The Spirit Grove Healing Sanctuary, The Spirit Grove Collective, The Spirit Glow Holistic Salon, The Spirit Glow Journey, and Full Moon Camping Retreats.  


Rebekah is always learning, growing, and expanding by adding new tools and practices to her skillset. She is a seasoned cosmetologist of 20 years, specializing in Dreadlock Artistry, IBE Hair Extensions, and Lanza Healing colorcare. She has certifications as a Reiki Master Teacher of Usui and Holy Fire Reiki, an Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor, a Shamanic Life Coach, as well as a variety of other training and teachings. She studies her passions extensively and has invested in personal and business coaching and regularly attends workshops and retreats and receives healing from her colleagues. She is currently training as a yoga instructor and ayurvedic practitioner, and writing a book.


She loves guiding others to do what she does whether in 1:1 sessions or behind the chair, in classes or workshops training holistic entrepreneurs, hosting business masterminds, or facilitating retreats. 

Work with me....

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