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Full Moon Camping Retreats Scholarship Fund
Full Moon Camping Retreats Scholarship Fund

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Full Moon Camping Retreats Scholarship Fund

All donations go to helping others attend retreat who may not have the resources, or that just need a little help in getting to a retreat with us. Generous donations allow more people to access the healing they need. Thank you for your contributions.

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Location is TBD


About the Event

Please help us in getting as many people to our retreats as possible. If you need the assistance, fill out the scholarship application. If you know of anyone you want to help, then fill out the application and mention their name and circumstances. We will do everything in our power to help. We have created a way for people to get the healing and the support that they need, even if they do not have the resources. We want as many people as possible to transform and change their lives and believe in the power of community and service to the whole. Always feel free to reach out to us for anything and don't forget to attend the free monthly moon meditations the first sunday of every month. Let's all give a little more and help where we can in bringing more love, light, peace and healing to the planet.

Rebekah and Dallin have donated the last 5 years of their time, energy, and resources into building Full Moon Camping Retreats because we knew it was time to step up and take action immediately. We started from nothing, with no resources, or any idea on how to build, run, or manage a retreat business and we have been so blessed and completely supported every step of the way and we really want to give back. We are so grateful for the family and the community that we have built. We look forward to continuing our mission in helping to wake up our brothers and sisters, help them heal, and bring about the ascension of the New Earth, but we need your help! We truly believe that what you give, you get back ten fold. We have seen this in our lives, and this is why we have given everything we had to build this business. We know it's so much bigger than we can imagine and so much more than what our physical selves can do alone. It's about all of us, together, and it will be so successful. In order for us to continue doing what we do, which is serving you our communities, we have created this scholarship fund and are asking for generous donations to get others to retreats. We believe the more people that attend our retreats and heal themselves in a group setting, the stronger our communities become and the more likely we are to create a better planet for all of us, as well as our children and future generations. Thank you for being a part of this great mission and a part of Full Moon Camping Retreats family. Sending so many blessings and so much love to everyone!

Love and light from,

Rebekah and Dallin and our Full Moon Camping Retreats Team

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  • Scholarship Donation

    All proceeds go to the Scholarship Fund and help with getting people who need support with attending retreats. Full Moon Camping Retreats also donates a certain percentage of their net income to this Scholarship Fund. We really believe in generosity and want as many people as possible to experience our retreats.

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