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Womb Healing
New Moon Camping Retreat

July 28-31, 2022

Come join us on a 3 day Shamanic Journey as we face our Shadows and access our Inner Child.


***This Retreat is for both women and men. Even though men do not have a womb, we all come from a womb and great healing can take place by connecting with it.***


Journeying into the depths of your soul is not a quest for the faint of heart. 


Have you been hearing the calls of your Inner Child, whose hopes and dreams were shattered by rejection, guilt, or shame?


Everything within you knows it's time to retrieve these lost pieces of your soul.


Do you recognize that herein lies the keys to unlock your freedom and joy?


 Do you want to shine your light into that darkness and inspire others to remember their greatest potential as we co-create a new earth of unity and oneness with all creation?



To go on this journey we invite you to gather your spirit team, guides, and guardians.


We call in our spirit animals and soul star family as guides for this quest to retrieve the sacred treasure that lies within The Womb of creation.


On this journey deep within we will find the seeds of the Inner Child's freedom to play, expressing more creativity and bliss.


Remember NOW who you truly are. You are here to experience Joy. Whole and complete. Perfectly imperfect.

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You realize that you are here to stop the cycles of miscommunication and separation of the masculine and feminine aspects within yourself. It's time to integrate and accept all parts of yourself and give yourself the freedom to explore new territory, take bigger risks and manifest bigger rewards.

In this moment you make up your mind that you will do whatever it takes to bring yourself back into wholeness, unconditional love, and acceptance. You understand that these things can only come from within.


Your heart longs for this freedom from the judgment and criticism of your mind. Your spirit knows your fear is an illusion of the mind.  


You must gather your courage and take a big risk. One that requires you to become extremely vulnerable.


It is time for you to step into your power as a Co-creator with God and dreamweave your hearts desires into this reality for all people to witness!

Your divine essence is meant to be celebrated. Abundance and prosperity is your divine birthright.

You no longer have to hold yourself back from speaking your truth and expressing yourseself!

The world is ready for you to step up and claim your Divinity!

During this retreat, we will connect to our lineage of mothers through the womb, to clear and realease trauma, limiting beliefs, and energetic imprints. 

We will remember who we truly are as divine star beings.


We will set intentions to birth our hearts desires and longings into existence, manifesting the life of our dreams.


The key is to surrender into the gift of the present moment, to ground into full awareness, becoming the vessel ready to recieve, and fill up with the expereinces coming through here and now.


Realizing our fullest potential lies within our freedom to choose what we want to nurture and grow in our lives! 

gandy warm springs cave.jpg

Do you want to be present and grounded and in a constant state of AWE and WONDER???

What kind of MAGICAL MOMENTS do you want to experience?

What within you wants to be birthed into existance? 

What is your shadow trying to communicate to you?

Are you ready to look at yourself deeper?

We have the ability to heal quantumly in all directions and dimensions for all people past, present, and future. 

The benefits of doing this work in a retreat setting become amplified by the intentions of everyone present.


The container of sacred space we create allows us to feel safe enough to become vulnerable so that advanced healing can occur. 

Without the distractions of daily life, we are able to remain fully present and hold our powerful intentions for rapid transformation and manifestation. 

Being in a sacred space with others who share similar experiences and intentions helps us to feel a sense of belonging, where we no longer feel alone.


We become part of a tribe and share with others in a space of acceptance and unconditional love.


By coming to our Womb Healing Retreat, you will unlock the sacred keys and codes within your heart needed to access your divine DNA blueprint and remember your wholeness. 


You will learn how to open your heart and receive guidance from spirit to help you navigate your soul's journey.


You will couragously face your shadow and learn how to incorporate it's wisdom into your life. 


You will create new friendships and gain a soul tribe of people that love you unconditionally.


You will gather tools and processes you can use time and time again and share with your family.


You will have a clearer understanding of why you are here and how Joy is your natural birthright!

Venue + Location


Our Campground is located in Garrison Utah, in the Great Basin area which is considered to be the best place in the world to veiw the starry sky.


Nestled within a grove of a100 year old apple orchard, the campground shares property with the Crystal Ball Cave, owned and operated by the Bates Family Ranch. 


We have four rustic cabins sleeping 2-5 people each, at first come first serve, as well as plenty of outdoor space to set up tents if you prefer your own privacy.

Trailer/RV Camping are available for self contained vehicles. They do not currently offer hookups.


Newly remodeled bathrooms with showers are located on site.


Peacocks roam the property, as do deer, hawks, great horned owls, doves, and many other animals are often seen.

Low humidity and minimal light pollution give Great Basin National Park some of the darkest night skies in the United States, making it an amazing place for stargazing.

The combination of these elements creates the perfect location for the theme of our retreat: WOMB HEALING! 


​"Crystal Ball Cave is a natural limestone cave located in Gandy, Utah. In 1956, while looking for lost sheep on Spring Mountain, George Simms noticed a hole in the ground. The sun was just coming up and illuminated the inside of the hole enough that he could see that it was very deep. He went back down the mountain and got his nephews and they explored the cave for the first time.


"What he discovered was a cave like no other. We like to think of the cave as a giant Geode that you can walk through. The walls, ceiling and floor are covered in crystal!

Crystal Ball Cave is operated by the Bates Family as volunteer stewards."


We will have the opportunity to not only explore the  Crystal Ball Cave, but a second cave as well, at the Gandy Warm Springs!


The water is a perfect 81 degrees year-round. The spring flows from a cave and down beautiful waterfalls in the south end of Spring Mountain. It is literally an oasis in the desert!


gandy warm springs cave.jpg
Black Sky

We believe as modern day people we have lost our connection to Nature and have grown accustomed to convenience. Bringing us back to our roots and reconnecting to the beauty and wonder of nature is our passion.


Ample time and opportunity will be provided for exploring this beautiful land and allowing you to use your senses as your guide to listen to the messages nature has to offer.


The importance of aligning our mind, body, and spirit with the natural cycles and rhythms of nature will be woven throughout your experience.

The NEW MOON is a perfect time to not only veiw the starry sky, but to set intention, plant seeds, and evision our future. 


All meals and snacks are provided during your stay. Meals are made with love and support the vibration of the retreat, as we believe intention is everything around here.


The menu is selected from a variety of seasonal, organic items, perfect for the vegan and meat eater alike!


We are happy to accommodate any of your food preferences, dietary needs, and allergies, so please specify when signing up.


If there are extra snacks you enjoy, feel free to bring what you like!


Our Journey

We will gather together in this magical place and



  • A variety of Yoga, Meditation, and Energy healing practices

  • Stargazing beneath the beautiful dark starry sky

  • Healing inside of two different caves and a warm spring soak

  • Shamanic Journeying to retrieve our power animals, access our inner child, and face our shadows

  • Womb healing to bring unity to the Divine Feminine and Masculine

  • Sacred Holotropic Breathwork and Sacred Drumming 

  • Deep Healing Ceremony and Workshops with numerous sacred processes

  • Tools for Ultimate Manifestation and Dreamweaving


  • Clear and release the trauma, guilt, shame, and limiting beliefs held within our sacral chakra

  • Awaken your kundalini energy to feel empowered

  • Plant the seeds of our Heart’s desires to bring more joy and bliss into our lives

  • Find acceptance and gratitude for the wisdom gained through our experience

  • Re-Activate and Re-calibrate our DNA blueprint for wholeness and creative empowerment

  • Remember our Divine Essence of playfulness and self expression

  • Nurture healing for ourselves, our Mother Earth, and our past and future lineages 



  • Thursday July 28th: ACTIVATION & NEW MOON NIGHT

  • Friday July 29th: WOMB & SHADOW HEALING DAY

  • Saturday July 30th: INNER CHILD & DREAMWEAVING DAY

  • Sunday July 31st: CELEBRATION & SEALING DAY


* An itinerary and further retreat info will be delivered to you via email... so make sure to save our emails!



  • Utilize the energy of the New Moon for dreamweaving and manifestation

  • Journey with your power animals and spirit guides

  • Live with more passion, purpose, joy and bliss

  • Use your vulnerability as your superpower

  • Embody your Inner Child light and nurture your heart's longing

  • Connect with your star family, spirit team, and elements of nature

  • Set up sacred space for ceremony

  • Trust and surrender into present moment awareness

  • Step into your co-creative power with God




  • You want to heal from the past

  • You want to help raise the vibration of the planet

  • You love camping in nature and being in the outdoors

  • You aren’t afraid of getting dirty

  • You are ready and willing to do whatever it takes to make lasting changes

  • You are willing to be vulnerable and go all in

  • You long for the feeling of HOME within a like minded community

  • You are open to trying new things

  • You have a desire for deeper spiritual connection

  • You have a true love for humanity and a sense to serve

  • Your heart is wanting to go, but your mind is making up a million reasons not to 


  • You are afraid of getting dirty and hate camping

  • You aren’t willing to be vulnerable and try new things

  • You don’t like people

  • You have a pessimistic attitude and are unwilling to change

  • You don’t believe in spirits and think this is coo coo


  • 8 Healthy meals *vegan options available (Please inform us of any dietary restrictions or special requests.)

  • Co-ed Cabins at first come first serve

  • An Information booklet about our tools and processes

  • A gift bag of special sacred items

  • Ceremonies: New Moon, Fire, Womb Activation, and Shamanic Breath Circle

  • Yoga, meditations, and nature hikes

  • Celebration through dance and music and sacred drumming

  • Breakthrough sessions and Healing Workshops



  • Extra cash and gas if you plan to drive around and explore the area

    • (There will not be much free time to explore the surrounding areas during the retreat, so we recommend planning ahead before or after the retreat if you want to explore the Scenic Great Basin area, Devil's Slot Canyon, or Lehman Caves…).

  • Your own camping gear (we will provide you with a full list of items you may need)

  • Extra drinking water, snacks etc…

  • Camp chairs, Yoga mat, etc...

* An itinerary and further retreat info will be delivered to you via email... so make sure to save our emails!

Trip Leaders

Rebekah O’Dell

Spirit Glow Journey Guide + Shamanic Healer + Holistic Cosmetologist 

Rebekah is experienced in the art of embracing who you are, even in your mess, and facilitating others to do the same by helping them to recognize their beauty and cultivate healthy, honest, nurturing relationships with themselves.


She holds a passion for bringing people together in nature with the spirit of unity and diversity to spread love and kindness.  She believes it is our duty to nurture, uplift, and empower ourselves as sovereign beings to be able to pour our overfill of abundance into the universe. She believes ultimately raising the vibration and consciousness of our planet together so that we can expand and grow into our fullest potential as divine star beings.


Rebekah is always learning, growing, and expanding by adding new tools and practices to her skillset. She owns and operates Full Moon Camping Retreats, LLC with her brother Dallin, as well as the Spirit Grove Healing Sanctuary and Spirit Glow Holistic Salon in Az, where she practices holisitc healing. She is a cosmetologist of 20 years, specializing in Dreadlock Artistry, IBE Hair Extensions, and Lanza Healing colorcare. She has certifications as a Reiki Master Teacher of Usui and Holy Fire Reiki, an Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor, a Shamanic Life Coach, as well as a variety of other training and teachings. Rebekah studies her passions extensively and has invested in personal and business coaching and regularly attends workshops and retreats and receives healing from her colleagues. 


She loves guiding others to do what she does whether in 1:1 sessions or behind the chair, in classes or workshops training holistic entrepreneurs, hosting business masterminds, or facilitating camping retreats with her brother.

Dallin Brimhall

Shamanic Healer + Intuitive Bodyworker + Breath Enthusiast + Yoga Instructor

Dallin is a passionate healer of body, mind and heart. He has been doing healing work for over a decade. His own mind and body have been his greatest Teacher. Whether it be psychological, emotional, or physical, he is able to access energy and offer guidance on how to heal. Using keen intuition, he can pinpoint issues of trapped emotion or energy, and bring them to the surface to be released.


Dallin has a natural charisma and charm and loves helping people find more joy in their lives by bringing a playful, powerful, presence into everything that he does. Whether it's facilitating retreats, teaching yoga, working out at the gym, hiking in the mountains, or giving someone a shamanic massage; he loves seeing people heal and will go the extra mile to make sure you know that he loves you and wants you to be happy.


His faith and love in God helped him overcome many of his trials that challenged him and his beliefs to the very core. He continues to explore many facets of his faith and belief systems, expanding his spirituality into a deeper understanding of life, and values many religious points of views. Because of this Dallin has developed a deep sense of self, and uses his wisdom to serve in his life mission of helping others to heal.


Dallin currently resides in Utah and continues to operate his Shamanic Massage practice, teaches yoga within the community, and co-facilitates breathwork journey's and retreats. He is the creator of I AM- Integrative Affirmational Mindfulness - a system that combines yoga postures with positive affirmations. Dallin also owns and operates Full Moon Camping Retreats, LLC with his sister, and finds joy in his community by bringing people closer to the light.

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