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Awaken. Heal.  Transform. 

Assisting in the rapid ascension of Earth. Looking for conscious leaders who are committed to core level healing and leading with integrity.  Calling on starseeds, lightworkers, yoga instructors, healers, wanderers, facilitators, coaches, seekers, magic lovers, creators, influencers, visionaries, dreamers, and more...

Our retreats provide you with life transforming experiences and healing tools that

help you strengthen or establish a spiritual connection to


Welcome heart.png
Brothers and Sisters uniting the Earth. 
Coming home to Sacred Land.
Together, drums in hand, We Stand.
Do you hear our call ?
It's time to stop playing small.

Come One, Come All !


Abundance is your birthright.

Uniqueness is your gift.

You are powerful beyond measure.

It's time to lift and shift. 

Your heart is your compass.

Your third eye is your sight. 

Join us in the shadows,

As we shine our inner light. 

Welcome heart.png

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We have three retreats this year.


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  • Remembering Divinity Full Moon Retreat 2023
    May 04, 4:00 PM MDT – May 07, 11:00 AM MDT
    Zion, Zion National Park
    Come join us on a four day shamanic soul retrieval as we connect with our highest self and remember the truth of who we are.
  • Womb Healing New Moon Retreat 2023
    Fri, Jul 14
    Crystal Ball Cave
    Jul 14, 4:00 PM MDT – Jul 17, 11:00 AM MDT
    Crystal Ball Cave, HC 78 Box 345, Garrison, UT 84728, USA
    Come join us on a 4 day shamanic journey as we face our shadows and access our inner child. ***This Retreat is for both women and men. Even though men do not have a womb, we all come from a womb and great healing can take place by connecting with it.*** ​
  • Ancestral Healing Full Moon Retreat 2023
    Thu, Sep 28
    Bears Ears National Monument
    Sep 28, 4:00 PM MDT – Oct 01, 11:00 AM MDT
    Bears Ears National Monument, Sand Island Campground
    Come Join us on a 4 day vision quest under the Full Harvest Moon for deep soulful Connection and Transformation as we commune with our Angels, Ancestors, Loved Ones, and Guides, heal the deep wounding within our DNA, and rewrite the stories we tell.


The practices and processes during the retreat were so helpful and left me feeling really empowered and peaceful. I was so surprised at how much benefit I gained. Plus everyone there grew together and became friends.

If I were to rate the Ancestral Healing Retreat, I would give it a 12 out of 10. It is powerful, it is amazing,  and it will change your life.

KELSEY, Mom & Yoga Instructor

They helped me feel comfortable enough to let down my walls and work through some deep healing. The work I did during this retreat helped open me up to a beautiful spiritual journey that I am still exploring almost a year later.

JUSTIN, Attorney

LEYAH, Women's Coach

Want to come to retreat, but not sure you have the resources to

make it happen? Do you have something valuable to contribute and share?

Full Moon Camping Retreats is committed to your success.

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